In Pictures – On the ground at East Coast GRC  


The eastern shores of Singapore are best associated with palm trees and getaways. But for our MPs at East Coast GRC, it is about catching up with residents, finding out what requires improvements and how they can help to turn their community into a safe, vibrant and inclusive home for all. 

Heng Swee Keat – Supporting local football and hawker culture 

We remain hopeful that our young ones will continue to cultivate a passion for the football. “Lion City Sailors Football School has been partnering with MSF Singapore to bring its football programmes to ComLink families…providing players with all-rounded development and exposure to competitive football,” noted Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat as he unveiled a refreshed street soccer court painted with murals inspired by Bedok. 

Ever wonder where is the best place to catch up with residents? It is no doubt the Kopitiam - a natural habitat for many Singaporeans. Visiting a new coffee shop, DPM Heng was in high spirits, chatting with the young entrepreneurs who injected a youthful vibe into the place with bright and colourful neon lights. “They told me that the bright and colourful motifs are a reflection of their spirit to try something new,” shared DPM Heng. 

Cheryl Chan – On a quest to wipe out dengue 

Despite the sultry weather, nothing will stop MP Ms Cheryl Chan in her mission to promote dengue prevention tips around Fengshan. “The key to dengue prevention is to eliminate all stagnant water and leave no room for mosquito breeding”, shared MP Chan as she handed out information booklets to residents.  

Maliki Osman – Reviving the kampong spirit  

The kampong spirit is alive and well, as MP Dr Maliki Osman joined residents for a potluck party at the void deck. Taking the opportunity to explain what the Siglap Corridor Planting initiative is all about, MP Maliki shared that residents will be able to grow edibles along their corridor and donate them to the Siglap Hearty Meal programme, which prepares meals for seniors using these donated and rescued food!  

Jessica Tan – Beautifying East Coast, one tree at a time 

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who envisioned Singapore as a green city, MP Ms Jessica Tan and fellow East Coast residents were planting trees around the neighbourhood. “This exercise was a timely reminder for all of us to do our part and co-create a green community. So, look out for upcoming tree planting exercises in September and November!” she said

Tan Kiat How – Caring for our seniors

How do we ensure our seniors eat and live well? Kicking off Healthier SG, MP Mr Tan Kiat How shared valuable dietary tips with our seniors to ensure they eat their way into good health. And if you are curious, it involves a fist-sized portion of vegetables, a palm-sized portion of protein, a portion of fruits and a bowl of rice for every meal.   

Photo Source: Heng Swee Keat/Tan Kiat How/Cheryl Chan/ Maliki Osman/ Jessica Tan via Facebook