The PAP Awards and Convention: What you need to know


What’s happening? Our Party Awards and Convention. It is a major Party tradition for November, it is where we take stock of the year that was and set our direction for the next.      

What should I look out for? The livestreamed speeches. Secretary-General (SG) Lee Hsien Loong’s speech is always a highlight. In previous years, SG Lee’s shared why and how we fight for Singapore and reported on how Singapore is doing economically and socially. Others, like our Chairman and Deputy Secretary-General, speak too. The work to build a better Singapore never stops; these speeches sum up how the Party takes concrete action for it.  

A Party is more than its leaders, isn’t it? We never fail to honour our outstanding activists at the Convention as well. It is vital work that these volunteers do, improving the everyday lives of Singaporeans. Medals for their service (these include the categories of Youth, Women and Long Service) wait for them at this and every Convention.      

Speaking of long service, isn’t that my ward’s MP from a few years back? Very likely. Retired MPs are a much-loved part of each Convention. They all made their mark in Parliament as well as in the communities they served. The Convention is a chance for them to take stock of how the young’uns they’ve passed the torch to are doing. 

So exactly when is it all happening? And how do we be part of it? This Sunday (Nov 5). Our Party’s Facebook page is excellent for the Convention’s livestream, including those speeches. Follow @papsingapore on Instagram too, for live updates on the ground. will be at the Convention too, reporting on it and bringing you exclusive photos. We, after all, tell our Party’s story from within.