In Pictures — A jubilant welcome for new PM Lawrence Wong in Marsiling-Yew Tee


WHERE’S THE first place someone goes once sworn in as Prime Minister?

The answer was simple for new PM Lawrence Wong: Back to the humble hardcourt next to Yew Tee MRT station. 

The people he served for nearly a decade (2015-) as the neighbourhood MP for Limbang were there waiting. 

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“I decided to come. Rushed from the Istana tonight because I wanted my first event as Prime Minister of Singapore to be with all of you here!” said PM Wong (May 15) to the over 1,000-strong cheering crowd of grassroots supporters, Party branch activists and Limbang residents at the hardcourt.   

“Thank you for your support. For your confidence and trust in me and my team, and for our chance to be able to serve all of you,” he added.  

A cheering crowd and a long queue for photos

Marsiling-Yee Tee is dear to PM Wong, especially Limbang ward. Over the years, he built up trust with its residents. Families there can tell you how he went around distributing food rations and haze protection masks to them when the haze reached unhealthy levels. People young and old fondly recall the durian makan sessions he hosted. Plus, PM Wong was in the neighbourhood just last week, celebrating Mother’s Day with residents

So, the crowd waited for PM Wong as early as 7.30 pm. They sat under a large events tent, watching on large screens live video of his swearing-in at the Istana. Then, they sang along with emcees to Mandopop hits, perennial local favourites like “Chan Mali Chan”, and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. They waved red and white balloons and chatted with old friends.  

When PM Wong arrived, the crowd’s cheers rang beyond the SparkleTots branch with the stone lions at Block 608 — more than five minutes walk away. They brought out signboards saying “PM Lawrence Wong, We Love You”. Parents hoisted their children up onto their shoulders for a better look at him.

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“We want to see a Singapore where everyone can progress, everyone can do well, everyone can be the best possible version of themselves. And where we can continue to become ever more united as one people regardless of race, language or religion,” said PM Wong, who was accompanied by fellow Marsiling-Yew Tee MPs  Zaqy Mohamad, Hany Soh and Alex Yam. 

“As Prime Minister, I will focus and work with my team and all Singaporeans to deliver on these promises. Of course, I will also continue to serve as your MP — your Member of Parliament — together with my fellow MPs,” he continued. 

PM Wong shook hands and posed for photos with the crowd for an hour after his speech. The queue circled the perimeter of the events tent, spilling out to the MRT station.

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PM Wong has much work to do alongside Singaporeans in the months ahead. He has the weighty task of taking Singapore forward despite a troubled world. 

The night at the Yee Tee Central hardcourt was an auspicious start, though. It was diverse Singaporeans gathered in a strong show of support for him. It was a grassroots-led big block party honouring one of Marsiling-Yew Tee’s favourite people. 

PM Lawrence Wong was sworn in as Singapore’s fourth leader earlier that night at the Istana. To read more about the event, click here.