How Come: Why is #refreshPAP trending on my socials?


That #refreshPAP tag keeps popping up on my feed. Do you know why? It’s all over mine too. This #refreshPAP is about our Party looking at how to serve Singaporeans better, and so we listened to what over 2,300 people across Singapore had to say these past six months.     

Why does the PAP want to serve Singaporeans better? Singaporeans have different aspirations and concerns these days. The world’s changing too. As the government, our Party has the responsibility to be a big tent for all Singaporeans, bringing diverse voices together, to take Singapore forward. 

What do you mean, when you say “the world’s changing”? Temperatures are getting hotter with climate change, for starters. There’re also more people knowing it’s OK to seek help for mental wellness. 

What is the PAP doing about these important issues? Plenty. #refreshPAP has resulted in us setting up a new Mental Wellness Group and a new Climate Action Group. These are for engaging fellow Singaporeans and shaping Government policies.   

Who is invited to these Groups? You. Me. Everyone. There’s no need to wear white-white; PM Wong said so. So long as you’re interested in mental wellness and climate change. Come join – there’s a seat at the table waiting.      

Do all these #refreshPAP preparations mean that elections are coming? We prepare for the future, not short-term. These are vitally important issues to Singaporeans. In the case of Climate Action, they are existential issues for Singapore. As Minister Desmond Lee said, we prepare to win the hearts and minds of Singaporeans the very day after the last GE. 

What did Minister Lee say, exactly? The preparation to win the hearts and minds of Singaporeans, to persuade them of the many things that we need to do under Forward Singapore, persuading them about the trade-offs that we need to address in order to put Singapore in a sustainable, forward-looking posture are things that are done the very day after the last GE.” 

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